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FACT mix 543: Jessy Lanza

Jessy Lanza is already responsible for some of the best leftfield pop music of the year.

The Canadian artist has, with a couple of expertly-crafted singles (‘It Means I Love You’ and ‘VV Violence’), reframed the vivid pop of Japanese institution Yellow Magic Orchestra and updated it for 2016 with the help of Junior Boy Jeremy Greenspan. Her upcoming full length, Oh No is one of the year’s best so far, managing to blend memorable hooks with the kind of bizarre electronic tics that made 80s electro pop so urgent and important in the first place.

Now Lanza has rustled together her first FACT mix, blending a series of outre pop favorites – from YMO mastermind Harry Hosono’s ‘Laugh Gas’ to Freddie Jackson’s smooth ‘Calling’ – with Derrick May’s fizzing electronics, manic acid from Ontario’s Symplx and vintage piano house from Mpumi. Suddenly, Oh No makes perfect sense.

Oh No is set for release on May 13 via Hyperdub.


Goodbye Oldies 1150
Envyi – ‘It’s About Time To Get Mine’
Dwight Sykes – ‘After Midnight’
Freddie Jackson – ‘Calling’
Mpumi – ‘Ngiyekele’
Younger Than Pearl – ‘Can’t Turn Back’
Symplx – ‘Back to Dat’
Haruomi Hosono – ‘Laugh Gas’
Derrick May – ‘The Dance’
Jessy Lanza – ‘never enough (UP)’
Tevo Howard – ‘Move (Acid Mix)’
Katie Kissoon – ‘You’re the One (You’re My Only One)’
Patrice Rushen – ‘Haven’t You Heard’
MZO Bullet – ‘Casablanca’
DJ Xclusive feat Wizkid – ‘Jeje’
Apogee & Perigee – ‘アニマロイド・’



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