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FACT mix 551: Courtesy

Razor-sharp techno from a great Dane.

Copenhagen is one of the coolest cities in Europe right now, and it’s no coincidence that the Danish capital is also home to Apeiron Crew, a four-strong DJ collective who formed two years ago after meeting behind the counter of a record shop in Nørrebro.

Najaaraq Vestbirk makes up one quarter of Apeiron under the nom de discotheque Courtesy, taking a hard, dark and physical approach to the floor with an all-killer tunes policy and a dash of electro filth to keep the fun levels peaking.

Before playing FACT’s stage at Found Festival in London on June 11, Courtesy has made us a blinding mix featuring some forthcoming gems on Ectotherm, the label she recently founded with Apeiron’s Mama Snake, Drafted’s deliriously brilliant ‘Vortex Empire’, and a tune set to go down as one of the year’s best, ‘The Frontier’ by Avalon Emerson. (They’re mates, in fact – Vestbirk recorded the mix round Avalon’s place.)

“I wanted to present a mix that captured what it’s like to hear me play a sweaty 3am set, with all the nuances that comes with a live vinyl and CDJ set,” Vestbirk says. “Like any DJ, I use the crowd and their energy level to inform my track selection, something that’s difficult to manufacture in a living room. That said, this is pretty damn close to what it’s like to hear me bang it out in a club.”

If you’re heading to Copenhagen this year, look out for the miniature record outlet Vestbirk is opening with Mama Snake at the Los cafe on Guldbergsgade, set to open in late summer.


Lyra – ‘PPP!’ (forthcoming Petrola 80)
Our Mutual Friend – ‘Reverse Polarity’ (Voodoo Down Records)
Schacke – ‘Cavern Search’ (forthcoming Ectotherm)
IBON – ‘No Cry’ (forthcoming Ectotherm)
Drafted – ‘Vortex Empire’ (Balans Holland)
Crewneck – ‘Crazy Raw’ (Insula Dance)
Michel Amato – ‘Physique’ (Cititrax)
Avalon Emerson – ‘The Frontier’ (Whities)
Schacke – ‘Moss-covered Structure’ (forthcoming Ectotherm)
DUST – ‘Kolobos’ (2MR)
D. Dan – ‘Pink Danther’ (forthcoming Techno Is The Devil’s Music)
Faur – ‘QUATRE’ (forthcoming 1Ø Pills Mate)
IBON – ‘Maur’ (forthcoming Ectotherm)
J-Zbel – ‘ZHF’ (Gale Mix) (Brothers From Different Mothers)
QUAL – ‘Benevolent Technologies’



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