“It’s simple B. I just go.” 

“Y’all can fucking do anything you fucking want,” Toronto talent Tory Lanez told a packed-out Brixton Electric last month, as he scaled the walls of the south London venue. A lot of rappers trot out that inspirational message, telling fans that anything can be achieved if they grind hard enough. Lanez’ difficult route to the brink of melodic hip-hop greatness, however, suggests that he lives by that mantra for real. From a period living on the streets, to a job in Denny’s, before finally working his way up to appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and more, his slick R&B is forged in some tough times that have only strengthened his resolve to make it to the top.

That comes across in his intense live show, which we captured in all its sweaty glory at said Brixton show in our latest AAA film. Check out the video below, as well as photos from the night, and catch up on our other AAA episodes here.











Produced by Luis Muñoz. Directed by Kamil Dymek. Camera by Pawel Ptak. 

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