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FACT mix 559: Konx-om-Pax

Heavy-duty rave from Planet Mu’s secret weapon.

We’ve had Konx-om-Pax’s Caramel on constant rotation since Planet Mu sent us an advance copy a couple of months ago, and it’s turned out to be the rare record that seduces everyone in the office.

The second album from multimedia artist Tom Scholefield (released last Friday) is a crumpled love letter to the lip-biting euphoria of raves long past, and a record that came out of a grim period for the Glasgow native. “There was so much going on I found depressing that this record was almost a therapy,” he told FACT last week. “It was an attempt to be aggressively positive.”

Scholefield’s FACT mix unpicks some of the influences behind Caramel‘s noise-smeared, pitch-bent, planet-sized emotional bangers – from the bittersweet heaviness of Boards of Canada to Lone’s giddy rave nostalgia, with appearances from Jeff Mills’ recently reissued Final Cut project, Robert Hood and Lee Gamble. Needless to say, it’s euphoric.


01. Konx-om-Pax – ‘Caramel’
02. Boards of Canada – ‘David Came To Mahana’Im’
03. Inigo Kennedy – ‘Emitter’
04. Unklone – ‘Serial Experiment 1’
05. DJ Guy – ‘Structures’
06. Lee Gamble – ‘Kali 2’
07. Ryan James Ford – ‘Lidya Birkett’
08. S:VT – ‘Urgency Grip (Young Male Remix)’
09. Wladimir M – ‘Goin’ South’
10. Mike Ink – ‘Playtex’
11. Gescom – ‘A2’
12. Housemeister – ‘Privacy’
13. Lone – ‘Vapour Trail’
14. Fix – ‘Flash’
15. Final Cut – ‘Now That’s Funky’
16. Awesome 3 – ‘Don’t Go (Original Mix)’
17. Robert Hood – ‘The Greatest Dancer’
18. 1DERL& – ‘Ray’s House (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix)’
19. Close, Up, Over – ‘Olivine’
20. Foul-Play – ‘Dubbing You’
21. Konx-om-Pax – ‘Last Jam Forever’



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