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FACT mix 569: S U R V I V E

Netflix’s Stranger Things is a phenomenon.

The third most-watched original show on the network, the sci-fi series has captured hearts and minds with its nostalgic premise, lovable cast and, most importantly, the eerie, synth-driven soundtrack from Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of Austin-based band S U R V I V E .

The duo were snapped up to score the show after creators the Duffer Brothers had used a S U R V I V E track in their pitch to Netflix. Their demo cues were even used in the casting process, so it’s hardly surprising how important their Tangerine Dream-influenced sound was to the show’s pacing and atmosphere.

S U R V I V E’s fourth album of moody instrumental synthscapes, RR7349 is set to drop on Relapse and their own Holodeck label at the end of the month and is jam-packed full of the band’s unmistakable tropes. Fans of Stranger Things won’t be disappointed – while the album offers a more upbeat take on their sound, the wobbling monosynth leads and clipped analog percussion should take you right back to the Upside Down.

The band’s FACT mix is similarly synth-led, blending a grab bag of S U R V I V E’s plethora of influences – from Japanese pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra and prog legends Camel to Dutch master Legowelt and Finnish IDM hero Ovuca. It’s eclectic but never tiring and offers a gripping look into the sounds behind one of the most talked-about bands of the year.


Dallas Acid – ‘Dreams’
Sam De La Rosa – ‘Sorry Flower’
Schaltkreis Wassermann – ‘Schwerkraft’
David Rubato – ‘Circuit’ (Steve Moore Remix)
Terminal Twilight – ‘The Lovers’ (Way Screwed)
Pink Fink – ‘Fear the Night’ (Ever So Screwed)
Legowelt – ‘Los Alamos Motel’
Yellow Magic Orchestra – ‘Mass’
Electric Light Orchestra – ‘Another Heart Breaks’
Camel – ‘Air Born’
Boban Petrovic – ‘Zajedno Srecni’
Syclops – ‘Where’s Jason’s K’ (3rd Coast Tempo)
Phantastes – ‘Flight of Stares’
Robert Valera – ‘Turnt Circuit’
Ovuca – ‘Leiba’
Exillon – ‘103’
Beau Wanzer – ‘Beefhearts’
Mecanica Popular – ‘Daquerrotipo’ / ‘Ambrotipo’
Automelodi – ‘Antitheme’
Boy Harsher – ‘A Realness’
The Beatniks – ‘No Way Out’
Teach Your Bird To Talk – ‘Who Are You?’ (Swerved)
Curved Light – ‘End’ / ‘Beginning’



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