If you follow us you’ll probably already know who YGG are. If you don’t, listen up.

The grime trio took the scene by storm in 2016 and aren’t stopping anytime soon. If it’s not their freestyles, it’s their unforgettable appearances on radio shows across London or excellent collaborations with DJs and producers.

Earlier this year, London MC Capo Lee released his mixtape Why Not Part 2. A 10-track tape made in 10 hours, featuring P Money, Nico Lindsay and YGG and producers Sir Spyro, Spooky, D.O.K, JD Reid, Footsie and Wardot, it was an absolute banger – just like its predecessor.

Now you can watch the video for one of the mixtape’s stand-out tracks, featuring YGG’s Saint P and a skippy beat from FACT favourite DJ Spooky. Listen back to Why Not Part 2 below.



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