The collaborative mixtape features Capo Lee, Spyro, Spooky, Mic Ty and more.

London’s Capo Lee has been doing some serious damage this year: as well as regular radio appearances he’s dropped a joint EP with Spooky, Welcome to Clartsville, a real sleeper hit grime anthem in ‘Liff’, and even shut down rival MC So Large on Christmas Eve (grime doesn’t celebrate Christmas, remember?)

His latest move is to organise Why Not?, a group mixtape featuring 10 tracks, recorded in one 10 hour session, with a revolving cast of grime artists, namely Spooky, Spyro, Rocks FOE, Mic Ty, Blay, XP, Wardot and Nico Lindsay. Speaking to FACT about it, Capo – who’s keen to emphasise that although he organised the mixtape, it’s very much a group effort – explains: “I wanted to do something different, get artists and producers working together that may not have had the chance, I think it’s important that new artists work together and keep things fresh and unpredictable”.

We’re premiering Why Not?, as well as a short documentary that shows how the tape was recorded. Stream the mixtape and watch the documentary below and download it here.



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