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FACT mix 585: Niagara

Hypnotic rhythms from Düsseldorf to outer space.

Niagara are the odd kids out on Lisbon’s Príncipe, with their stripped-back, hardware-led and loosely new wave/post-punk aesthetic adding a totally different facet to the label that’s home to batida stars like DJ Marfox and Nidia Minaj.

Formed of Sara Eckerson and brothers Antonio and Alberto Arruda, the trio introduced themselves on 2013’s Ouro Oeste EP in a haze of blasted psych-house, while 2015’s Ímpar brought raw jams that channel the livewire urgency of dance-punks like Optimo and ESG. They launched their Ascender label with an EP of the same name that year, and have since dropped a bundle of CD-Rs and another EP on Príncipe, last year’s São João Baptista.

Making connections between hypnotic German electronics – with Conny Plank, Roedelius and La Düsseldorf all represented – and the freeform energy of the Last Poets and Sun Ra, their FACT mix “only consists of tracks we absolutely love,” they explain.

“The mood was to try to find tracks that are good to listen to and dance to at home, Mind and Body. Hopefully, people will just put the mix on and listen to it all the way through, maybe discover some new things they like, maybe remember other things and go back to these records.

“The mix was done by the three of us, back to back to back, on very simple equipment during a weekend at our studio.”


La Düsseldorf – ‘Flashback’
Gal Costa – ‘Relance’
Cluster – ‘Grosses Wasser’
Last Poets – ‘On The Subway’
Moebius & Plank – ‘Echaos’
Moebius & Beerbohm – ‘Doppelschnitt’
Asmus Tietchens – ‘Auf Elf’
Niagara – ‘Laranja’
Sun Ra – The Soul Vibrations of Man Part 1′
La Düsseldorf – ‘Sentimental’
Der Plan – ‘Rot Grün Tot’
Roedelius – ‘Mr. Livingstone’



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