Mixes I by I 27.07.17

Listen to Basic Rhythm’s new mix of ’90s techno and jungle bangers

Straight From The Bedroom is a new mix series from Anthoney Hart, aka Basic Rhythm and Imaginary Forces. Each month, Hart will raid his record collection to piece together a picture of the pirate radio era, rolling through hardcore, jungle, techno and eventually drum & bass.

Last month, Anthoney Hart (aka Basic Rhythm) dug through his pile of 12″s to begin his massive exploration of 1991, focusing on early bleep techno, hardcore and proto-jungle sounds.

This time, Hart expands the focus, offering another look into the important year, stopping on classics like Moby’s Twin Peaks-sampling floor-filler ‘Go’, Second Phase’s genre-transforming ‘Mentasm’ and Human Resource’s pounding ‘Dominator’.

1991 was a special year for dance music and Anthoney Hart has you covered.

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