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FACT mix 614: Do Make Say Think

Toronto’s finest purveyors of shimmering, instrumental post-rock drop a diverse blend of ambience, abstraction and, er, grindcore.

Formed way back in 1995 and named after four words that were scrawled on the walls of their elementary school practice room, Do Make Say Think have pushing the boundaries of rock for decades at this point, and their bubbly blend of Talk Talk’s hazy soundscapes and Slint’s jagged post-hardcore experimentation has kept the band on our radar since their early releases on Canada’s esteemed Constellation imprint.

Through the ‘00s, Do Make Say Think impressed with releases like 2002’s &Yet&Yet that offered a different take on post-rock; the band were less drone-heavy and morose than their labelmates Godspeed You! Black Emperor and less bombastic than Glasgow’s Mogwai. They were technical but light-hearted, offering a genre-bending vision of a sound that became walled off almost before it had even started.

This year, Do Make Say Think released their first album in almost a decade, the impressive Stubborn Persistent Illusions, a diverse collection of percussive post-rock experiments that proves there’s still life in the genre yet.

Their FACT mix was put together by guitarist and keyboard player Justin Small, who raided his estimable vinyl library to come up with a selection of tracks that maps out the bands interests, ranging from the subtle ambience of William Basinski and The Caretaker to the bone-rattling grindcore of Napalm Death.

Do Make Say Think’s newest album, Stubborn Persistent Illusions, is out now on Constellation.


William Basinski – ‘Disintegration Loop 1.1’
The Caretaker – ‘I have almost become invisible’
Joni Void – ‘Empathy (Ayuko’s Song)’
Do Make Say Think – ‘Obnubilate’ (SPI writing session out-take) .
Tortoise – ‘Alcohall’
William Blair – ‘Blair (Aug ’98)’
Cluster/Eno – ‘Schone Hände’
Scorn – ‘Silver Light Fell’
Woodshed – ‘Pan Cracker Tuesday’
Amon Tobin – ‘Sordid’
Muslimgauze – ‘Nommos’ Ghosts’
Polmo Polpo – ‘Aqua (slight return)’
Jennifer Castle – ‘Nature’
Angel Olsen – ‘Heart Shaped Face’
Talk Talk – ‘Runeii’
Henryk Gorecki – ‘3rd Symphony ( Lento Sostenuto tranquillo ma cantable) edit’
Colin Stetson – ‘Sorrow (tribute to Gorecki’s 3rd) Pt1 edit’
Napalm Death – ‘The Kill’ (BBC Peel sessions)

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