Image via: Novation

The latest update to the popular groovebox is available now.

Novation’s Circuit groovebox has just turned two, but the UK gear company is still adding software improvements, the latest of which arrive with version 1.6 of the firmware.

Circuit 1.6 adds two key features that have been requested by users in the Circuit’s Facebook group: panning and drum micro steps. The panning feature splits the audio into left and right channels, which can be set by turning the knobs. There’s also a handy function for muting effects.

The drum micro steps feature increases the resolution of the Circuit’s drum sequencer by six steps, accessible by pressing the Gate button.

Finally, there’s a new settings view that lets you dim the Circuit’s lights as well as change patches on an external synth (such as Novation’s new Peak) direct from the Circuit hardware.

The new features are the latest in a string of improvements to the all-in-one drum machine, synth sampler and sequencer, such as polyrhythmic sequencing and expanded sampling capabilities. Earlier this year Novation added a fractional gate feature that makes the hardware better for sequencing modular synths.

Circuit 1.6 is available as a free download to Circuit owners now. The Circuit hardware costs $330.

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