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FACT mix 627: Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never turns in a special FACT mix dedicated to the world of cinema.

Daniel Lopatin shouldn’t need any introduction on these pages. Over the past decade, under the tongue-twisting Oneohtrix Point Never moniker, Lopatin has journeyed from the Tangerine Dream-influenced synth fantasia of his early tapes, through the vaporwave-adjacent Replica years to explore daring fresh territory with 2015’s unique Garden of Delete.

This year he shuffled to the big screen with his acclaimed score to Ben and Josh Safdie’s acid-smudged Good Time, an acclaimed independent movie that stars Robert Pattinson, Barkhad Abdi and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Lopatin’s vital accompaniment even features an exceptional collaboration with punk legend Iggy Pop.

To celebrate the movie’s general release, Lopatin has put together his second FACT mix (his first was way back in 2010) and woven together a selection of his favorite soundtrack cuts plus a few extras for good measure. It’s a wild ride, kicking off with Giorgio Moroder’s Midnight Express track ‘Cacophony’, running through a cut from Stanley Kubrick’s daughter Vivian (under her Abigail Mead pseudonym), a snippet from Brad Fiedel’s Terminator soundtrack and a memorable theme from Running Man.

Lopatin even slides in an exclusive remix of Los Angeles outsider Lewis’s ‘Like To See You Again’, a track from L’amour, the mysterious private press album Light In The Attic rediscovered and reissued in 2014.

Warp Records will be hosting a handful of special screenings of Good Time this month, with one at Dalston’s Rio Cinema on Tuesday November 14, with an afterparty at Alibi and a special launch night on Friday at Curzon Soho with DJs Lonelady (Warp Records) & Callum McLean (Phonica).


Giorgio Moroder – ‘Cacophony’
Bernard Szajner – ‘Welcome (To Death Row)’
Alan Parker – ‘Synchrotech’
Abigail Mead – ‘Ruins’
Brad Fiedel – ‘Tunnel Chase’
Daft Punk – ‘Television Rules The Nation’
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – ‘Requiem’
Dopplereffekt – ‘Z Boson’
Howard Shore – ’01 – 9PM’
Harold Faltermeyer – ‘Main Title, Fight Escape’
Giorgio Moroder – ‘Chase’
Sick Le Lapin – ‘Flashcore Mix’
Heldon – ‘Le Retour Des Soucoupes Volantes’
Lewis – ‘Like To See You Again’ (OPN Remix)
John Abercrombie – ‘Timeless’
Steve Hillage – ‘Palm Trees (Love Guitar)’

John Twells is FACT’s managing editor. Find him on Twitter.

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