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FACT mix 655: Matthewdavid

LEAVING boss Matthewdavid presents a genre-hopping selection of gems from a diverse spread of artists in his community.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Matthew McQueen, better known as Matthewdavid, relocated to Los Angeles over a decade ago but quickly became an integral part of the city’s music scene. McQueen was fascinated by LA’s burgeoning beat scene and initially interned at both dublab – a long-running non-profit internet radio station – and the Plug Research label.

After hearing Dakim Saadiq, aka Dak, on Ras G’s dublab show, McQueen realized that there was plenty of music out there that might otherwise go unheard and LEAVING was born. Since then, the label has released an impressive selection of releases from a disparate collection of artists including Julia Holter, Samiyam, Botany, Laraaji, Kemialliset Ystävät, and of course Matthewdavid himself.

McQueen bills his FACT mix as a “community mix of all sorts of different kinds of music”. He’s put together a breathtaking selection of work, mostly unreleased or soon-to-be-released material from the sprawling LEAVING family. “One of my core purposes as an artist and curator is the unrelenting vision and pursuit of inclusion,” he says. With tracks from Carlos Niño, Sudan Archives, Lucky Dragons, Botany and others, LEAVING’s message should be crystal clear.


Yialmelic Frequencies – ‘Auric Massage’ (Leaving)
Cool Maritime – ‘Mossage’ (Matthewdavid’s Lit Mix) (Leaving)
Yuk – ‘Untitled’ (Leaving)
Dakim – ‘Untitled’
Semichrome – ‘Between Ideals’
Niklaus Gray – ‘Crybaby’
Theo Hux – ‘Stnt On My Wii U’
Black Taffy – ‘In Reprose’ (Leaving)
Sudan Archives – ‘Beautiful Mistake’ (Stones Throw)
Botany – ‘Dabba’
Sam Gendel – ‘Pure Imagination (lo fi)’ (Leaving)
Carlos Niño & Friends – ‘Sonic Boom Love Wave’ (Live at Low End Theory April 20th 2018)
Sana Shani – ‘Worm Farmer’ (Leaving)
Uppie / Pure One – ‘Come (rough)’
Lucky Dragons – ‘Utopia Tapes’
Off Balance Atlas – ‘Blue (One for Joni)’
Cakedog – ‘GetRocked’
Matthewdavid – ‘Renault Instrumental’
Matthewdavid – ‘Fernwood Flash’
K’in Sventa – ‘Bucles’
Yialmelic Frequencies – ‘Flume (edit)’ (Leaving)
Dakim – ‘Robotjit’

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