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FACT mix 656: Mor Elian

Electro outsider Mor Elian twists daring contemporary club music into knots on this bumper blend of obtuse rhythms and off-kilter drones.

Growing up in Tel Aviv with two older sisters, Mor Elian had an unusually early introduction to dance music. When she was only 10 years old, she was already frustrated that her age meant she had to miss out on events her sisters were excited about. So a few years later, when she was at high school and could just about pass as an adult, she worked out a solution: to work the door at local parties.

Soon, she was collecting records and learning to DJ on her sister’s equipment and by the time she moved to LA for school, Elian was already prepared to push her nascent music career to the next stage. She quickly established the Plaza 2 Plaza radio show on Los Angeles’ beloved dublab station and soon built up a reputation for playing the kind of wonky, outsider electro, techno and house that was picking up steam on local labels like 100% Silk.

Since then, Elian has produced a slew of her own tracks, putting out material on her own Fever FM imprint, Hypercolour and most recently Delta Funktionen’s Radio Matrix, and moved to Berlin. This ample one-and-a-half-hour mix is the perfect introduction to her sound, confidently shifting through the pulsing rhythmic euphoria of tracks like rRoxymore’s ‘bRINGTHEbRAVE’ and Chekov’s ‘Stasis 113’ – both snipped from Timedance’s epic new Patina Echoes full length – and the esoteric delights of Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange’s eerie early electronic experiments into belters from Skee Mask, Joy O & Ben Vince and Mor Elian herself.

Elian tells FACT that she approached the mix “from a production standpoint,” and that comes across in its pacing. Instead of playing for a non-existent dancefloor, Elian has taken her time and allowed the mix to develop its narrative slowly and purposefully and it shows.


Rhyw – ‘Severn Bridge’
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange – ‘The Dreams- Running’
Grand River – ‘Secondaria’
Laurie Spiegel – ‘Drums’
rRoxymore – ‘bRINGTHEbRAVE’
Parris – ‘Untitled’
Hodge – ‘Raptors on the Rock’ (unreleased)
Evigt Morker – ‘Dödligt Sår’
Mor Elian – ‘Xeric Zula’
Chekov – ‘Stasis 113’
Heuristic Audio – ‘Fantasy At Dawn’
???? – ‘Njojudderlike’
Scape One – ‘Origins of a Sound’
Skee Mask – ‘Dial 274’
Joy O & Ben Vince – ‘Systems Align’
Mor Elian – ‘Untitled’ (unreleased)
Neel & natural/electronic.system – ‘Percussiva’
PTA – ‘B2.04’
The Mover – ‘Calculations’
DJ Doktor Megatrip with Luv Bass (Psychic TV) – ‘Joy (Joy–Orgasm–Youth)’
Noah Gibson – ‘System Shock’
Solid Blake – ‘Masha’
Upsammy – ’09-06′
Mathew Jonson – ‘Left Behind The Mirror’
Tessela – ‘Glisten’
Delta Funktionen – ‘Untitled’
Simo Cell – ‘Consider The Internet’
Minor Science – ‘Underripe’
Rhyw – ‘IRL’ (unreleased)
Ekoplekz – ‘Transience’

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