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FACT mix 657: Beatrice Dillon

A life-affirming blend of disparate sounds from one of the world’s most exciting crate diggers.

Growing up in London, Beatrice Dillon was surrounded by a colorful patchwork of sounds and influences, working in a number of record shops where she refined a broad knowledge of electronic music, soul, reggae, jazz and beyond.

In 2013, she released Folkways II on Trilogy Tapes, a bumper collection of ideas and inspirations, tied together by an evenhanded understanding of musical form. Soon after, Dillon kicked off a residency at London’s NTS, putting together two hours of music each month and showcasing her talent for blending disparate sounds: free jazz, minimal techno, kosmische, post-dubstep, ambient and anything else that might work.

A flurry of Dillon’s own production work followed: her solo mini-album Blues Dances in 2014; two solo EPs; a split 12″ with Karen Gwyer; acclaimed collaborations with Call Super and Kassem Mosse; plus two albums with drummer Rupert Clervaux, Studies I-XVII For Samplers And Percussion in 2015 and follow-up Two Changes. With each release distinct and exploratory in its own way, Dillon quickly built up a reputation for unpredictability without losing the expectation of quality.

Unsurprisingly, Dillon’s FACT mix is a daring voyage through uncharted straits. Immediately, simmering analog noise dissipates to reveal an anxious club rework of Whigfield’s record-breaking 1994 chart smash ‘Saturday Night’. According to Dillon her mix blends complete tracks and “cut up fragments of work by so many different artists” so there’s no tracklist, but she has included a handy list of clues to help out dedicated diggers on their quest.


Trevor Wishart, Superfície, Rian Treanor, NYZ, Sarah Hennies, Zed Bias, Tuun, Epoch, Etch, E-Unity, Calum Gunn, Bruce, Church Andrews, Laurel Halo, Neybuu, Bamboo, Gábor Lázár, Billy Bao, Parris, Facta, Hmurd, Bandshell, Equiknoxx, Abu Obaida Hassan, Lucy Railton, Mikel Rouse, Bok Bok, Aylu, Via Maris, Ursula K. LeGuin & Todd Barton, Lil Silva, Emptyset, Unknown/Unknown, BD.

– Thanks to Rian, Dwayne, TTB, Ben UFO, Laurel, Jutte

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