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FACT mix 679: Carla dal Forno

Blackest Ever Black’s Carla dal Forno bolts together cloudy avant-pop and rhythmic electronics on this exceptional selection.

Carla dal Forno’s music isn’t easy to pin down and that’s by design. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia, catching local bands at bars and pubs and slowly realizing that it was possible to piece together your own sound, outside of the mainstream.

It’s a method that’s served her well: since 2012 she’s appeared on a variety of releases, with bands F Ingers, Mole House and Tarcar, and on her own. Dal Forno’s debut solo album You Know What It’s Like appeared in 2016 and blended synthwave influences into a cosmic soup that sounded like Broadcast, Leila, Islaja and Antena all at once and since then she’s released a slew of solo transmissions.

Now living in London and working at the Blackest Ever Black-affiliated Low Company record store as well as putting together a monthly show for NTS, dal Forno is finding new ways to highlight music outside of the mainstream, heroically ignoring genre in favor of DIY scruffiness. Her FACT mix is the perfect example of this, with sizzling delights from Honeymoon Killers, Vox Populi and FACT-fave Lolina alongside her own vital productions.

Carla dal Forno’s tour cassette Top of the Pops is now available to buy digitally and features disarming covers of Lana Del Rey, The B-52s and The Fates.


Special Occasion – ‘Save’
11000 Dreams – ‘Akahito’
C. memi + Neo Matisse – ‘Dream’s Dream’
How to Get Rich in Rotterdam – ‘Dapper Dan’
Carla dal Forno – ‘Lay Me Down’
Electric Chairs – ‘So Many Ways’
Zyx – ‘Bad Manners’
Honeymoon Killers – ‘Histoire a Suivre’
Chen Yi – ‘Rug’
Matthew Brown – ‘Borobo Chance’
Carla dal Forno – ‘Clusters’
Vox Populi – ‘Tchi Tchi Vox’
Lolina – ‘The Missing Evidence’

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