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FACT mix 690: rRoxymore

Berlin-based DJ and producer rRoxymore presents an innovative mix of future-facing techno and bass variations.

Growing up in Montpellier, Hermione Frank nurtured an early obsession with music before moving to Paris to pursue her dreams. Before long, she became immersed in the local music scene, learning to DJ and make beats and working with a diverse array of musicians.

It was a move to Berlin, however, that solidified her identity as a solo artist. In Paris, Frank had been active in the world music, hip-hop and disco scenes, but in Berlin she embraced club music wholeheartedly, collaborating with Planningtorock and issuing a slew of solo 12″s.

Recent well-received releases on Bristol’s Don’t Be Afraid imprint and an appearance on Batu’s Timedance compilation Patina Echoes have helped establish Frank as one of dance music’s most unique producers. With a style that relies heavily on live experimentation, her focus and attention to detail sets Frank apart from many of her peers, and her DJ sets are similarly attentive.

Frank’s FACT mix is a thing of beauty: crystalline, bass-heavy belters from Alex Coulton and Bambounou melt seamlessly into cuts from Badsista, Martyn Bootyspoon and others. rRoxymore is a proud introvert, and she lets her music do all the talking.


John Avery – ’12 am Awake & Looking Down’
Bergsonist – ‘Waterlow’
Mystica Tribe – ‘Love is all right’
DJ JM – ‘Sorriso’
Alex Coulton – ‘Bounce’
Bambounou – ‘Tour’
FDW – ‘Myst’
Dorisburg & Efraim Kent – ‘Tecken 1’
Martyn Bootyspoon – ‘Spread That Kat’
Badsista – ‘Tu Me Satisfaz’
Ouanounou – ‘Matouka’
Poison – ‘Eh mnee 7’ ft. ARZ
Doc Sleep – ‘Crème Fraiche’ (rRoxymore remix)
Lyra Valenza – ‘Down Not Out’
Desdel Barro – ‘Muta Muta’
rRoxymore – ‘unreleased’
Carl Craig – ‘Darkness’ (Beatrice Dillon remix)

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