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FACT mix 692: Cera Khin

Berlin’s Cera Khin voyages into a retro-future universe populated by psychedelic rave galaxies and acid black holes.

Cera Khin grew up in Tunisia surrounded by music. Her dad was a record collector and introduced her to a wide variety of sounds, from French classics to Egyptian and African jams, and when she got a little older, Khin explored on her own, using the internet to dig for sounds that took her deeper into into the unknown.

In 2016, she started her own radio show on Bristol’s Noods Radio, a place where her interest in grimy rave and euphoric ambience would finally have a proper home and she’s been contributing monthly shows – with guests such as Fis, Parris and Machine Woman – ever since.

Her connection with Bristol doesn’t stop there either; a chance meeting with Young Echo’s Ossia at OHM was the start of an ongoing collaboration. The duo collaborated on the Coil-esque Guided Meditation, the first release on Cera Khin’s own LazyTapes imprint. Since then, she has released a collaboration with DHR’s Christoph De Babalon, a solo 12″ from Peder Mannerfelt and a second collaboration with Ossia.

Cera Khin’s mix explores her wide range of influences and has been inspired by a recent Asian tour, “walking alone at night surrounded by Tokyo neon lights.” With tracks from Logos, Perc and Cypher alongside woozy bangers from Machine Woman, Sissel Wincent and new material from Khin herself, it’s a mix, she explains, for a “trip to an unknown planet”. We couldn’t agree more.


Cera Khin – ‘Neon Tokyo’ (Unreleased)
Logos – ‘Arrival’ (out soon on Different Circles)
Cypher – ‘Frozen From Erection’ (Cold Rush Records)
Code Walk – ‘Touch’ (out soon on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)
Perc – ‘Hyperlink’ (Tymon Remix)
Protectors Of Bass / Freez-E-Style – ‘Awake In Neo Tokyo’ (Cold Rush Records)
AIROD – ‘Universe Of 90’s Techno Parties’ (Randomer Remix)
Machine Woman – ‘East Midlands Rave Tune’ (Take Away Jazz Records)
Toni Moralez – ‘Ghetto Techno’ (FTP)
Sissel Wincent – ‘Aura Symptoms’ (Out soon on Rösten)
Perc & Truss – ‘Leather & Lace’ (Mumdance & Logos remix)
Robert Armani – ‘Hit Hard’ (ACV)
Freez-E-Style – ‘Doom Dancer’ (Cold Rush Records)
Test – ‘Overdub’ (USA Import Music)
Dr Macabre – ‘Voodoo Nightmare’ (Power Plant)
Logos & Mumdance – ‘Zoned in’ (out soon on Different Circles)
Cera Khin & Ossia – ‘Videodrone’ (out soon on LazyTapes)
Lyra Valenz – ‘January Airdrop’ (Opal Tapes)

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