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FACT mix 697: Anika

Anika’s Stock Market Crash mix is a polyglot playground from the Berlin-based multi-hyphenate.

Anika, the Berlin-based artist, DJ, poet, and frontwoman of Mexico City avant-pop group Exploded View, returned to the stage solo earlier this year for the first time since 2011 — and now she takes the FACT mix stage for the first time ever.

What unfolds on her mix is as unpredictable as the artist herself. Over the past decade, she’s worked with artists and labels from Jandek and Geoff Barrow (who produced her first EP, a disruption of covers of tracks from the 1960s and ’70s) to Stones Throw and Shackleton, who appears on the mix.

Not content with static expression, Anika has been known to rearrange her own music for live solo shows, combining music with visual arts and poetry and performing with a rotating set of players from across the globe. The spirit of collaboration with her backing band in Mexico had too much magic to ignore and started recording fully improvised sessions together before releasing their eponymous first full-length as Exploded View in August 2016 through Sacred Bones. Last year, the label released the group’s sophomore effort, Obey.

Anika’s vivacity for putting life into work bleeds throughout this mix, which features hefty club collisions from Pearson Sound, Dub Phizix and more.


Etch – ‘Lost Orbit’
Facta – ‘Dumb Hummer’
Response & Pliskin – Bureaucracy’
White Label
Shackleton – ‘Furnace of Guts (Original Mix)’
Calibre – ‘Wassold (Original Mix)’
Andrea – ‘Leaf’
P. Adrix – ‘Zelda Shyt’
Soundbwoy Killah – ‘Yours’
Desert Sound Colony – ‘Somehow I Talk (Original Mix)’
Roza Terenzi – ‘Mood’
Steven Be Calm – ‘Never Come Back (Original Mix)’
Herbert – ‘Our Love (Has Got Me Movin’)’
Dream Cycle – ‘Afters (3am Mix)’
Dub Phizix – ‘Engage’
Caski – ‘Overgrown’
Pulsinger & Irl – ‘Rollin’’
Pl4net Dust – ‘Next Space’
Natlek – ‘My All To You’
E-Talking – ‘Telephone Rose’
KiNK – ‘Yom Thorke (Original Mix)’
Chris Kleinmann – ‘Fracture (Original Mix)’
Alex Randal – ‘Echos (Original Mix)’
Unbalance – ‘Subwave’
Dasha Rush – ‘Time Coil’
Wax – ‘60006A’
Pearson Sound – ‘Rubble’
Vladimir Dubyshkin – ‘Belissimo (Original Mix)’
Oliver Huntemann – ‘Taktik (Alex Stein Remix)’
Cosmic Boys – ‘Justice (Original Mix)’
Flug – ‘The Hedonist (Original Mix)’
Introversion – ‘Laika (Original Mix)’
Mario Ochoa – ‘Become Human (Original Mix)’
Regal (ES) – ‘Still Raving (Original Mix)’
Dave Clarke – ‘I’m Not Afraid (Surgeon Remix)’ [Feat. Anika]
Forest Drive West – ‘Wait (Original Mix)’
Ales Gehringer – ‘Bang the Box (Original Mix)’
Deep Dimension – ‘So 1992 (Original Mix)’
Kettama – ‘BODY (Original Mix)’
Melody Sisters – ‘Let’s Go Now’

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