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FACT mix 717: DJ Plead

Melbourne’s DJ Plead melts Middle Eastern percussion into contemporary club structures on this mind-altering mix.

Jarred Beeler, aka DJ Plead, has been challenging Australia’s club scene for years now, first as part of trio BV (Black Vanilla), then in percussive dance duo Poison and more recently as DJ Plead.

Now based in Melbourne after relocating from Sydney, Beeler has been receiving growing international acclaim for his genre-busting club experiments, exemplified on last year’s stunning Get In Circle EP. That record was one of FACT’s favorites of 2018, and Beeler followed it up in February with Pleats Plead EP.

Beeler also appears alongside Club Chai’s 8ULENTINA on their essential new EP Bodyguard, released earlier this year on TT. Collaborating across oceans, the two producers find a middle ground on ‘Were You Tough?’, fusing rolling kicks with Middle Eastern flutes and sparse, icy percussive hits.

DJ Plead’s FACT mix is a celebration of the sounds he’s been exploring for the last few years, dipping from the expressive experimentation of Mexico’s OMAAR into a slew of originals, touching down with tracks from Amazondotcom and Cassius Select before landing on Joe’s timeless ‘Claptrap’. It’s a deep, rhythmic blend of bass-heavy sounds that spans the global dance continuum and explores its darkest corners.


OMAAR – ‘Drumplate’ (DJ Plead Remix)
Badawi – ‘Final Warning’
Anunaku & DJ Plead – ???
Poison – ‘Mincc’
Toma Kami – ‘Negative Extasy’
484 – ???
Logic1000 – ‘Derrière’
DJ Plead – ‘Rough Text’
Anunaku & DJ Plead – ???
Amazondotcom – ‘A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent’
Cop Envy & DJ Plead – ???
Ali Al Deek – ‘Samra Wana El Hasoudi’ (DJ Plead Remix)
Saber Rebai – ‘Nimshi Wa Nimshi’
Majd Fouani – ‘Tahoun Al Shar’
DJ Plead – ‘Battiekh 3’
Cassius Select – ‘Nook’
Drake – ‘Free Smoke’
Joe – ‘Claptrap’
Stylo G – ‘X5’ (DJ Plead Remix)
Lurka – ‘Return’
DJ Plead – ‘Liquify’
Loris – ‘Muro’
Jon Watts – ‘Prohaassation’
G-HADD – ‘Once Again..’

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