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It emulates the Juno-106, SH-101, XV-5050 and more.

Roland is reviving the Jupiter brand for a new range of synths under the Jupiter-X name.

The new line features two synths: the high-end Jupiter-X with 61 full-size keys and smaller Jupiter-Xm model with 37 slim keys. While the branding references the iconic Jupiter-8 synth, both models are capable of emulating the Juno-106, SH-101 and XV-5050 digital synth as well as TR drum machine sounds.

Neither synth runs the ACB sound engine that powers the Boutique range, but the new ZEN-Core engine found in its fresh line of Grooveboxes, also announced today. The most interesting feature of the new synths is what Roland calls “I-Arpeggio”, an arpeggiator it says uses artificial intelligence to listen to what you’re playing and create complementary drum parts, basslines, chords and arpeggios.

“These aren’t canned backing tracks—they’re intelligently generated beats and phrases that energize live performance and pulverize writer’s block,” Roland says.

However, neither synth is particularly inexpensive: the Jupiter X-m will be available this month for $1,500, while the Jupiter-X (which won’t be available until April 2020) will cost $2,500.

As well as a new line of Groovebox devices, Roland also launched its latest Boutique synth today, which features the sound of both the Juno-60 and Juno-106 in one module.

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