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FACT mix 730: Ani Klang

Ani Klang dives into her personal history before pushing club music in death-defying new directions.

Experimental producer, DJ and visual artist Ani Klang cut her teeth in New York City, studying at the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, developing a sound that fuses hi-def club energy with piercing sound design and anxious rhythms.

In 2017 she released Worst of All Time on Mexico’s Infinite Machine imprint, introducing listeners to her dense flurries of kick drums and eerie gaseous textures. Last year, she followed it up with RAPACIOUS on the Knightwerk label, and since then she’s been performing across the world, stopping at Berlin’s CTM earlier this year to debut her newest work THIS IS NOT POLITICAL at Säule.

Ani Klang’s FACT mix is something a little different from her usual blends of apocalyptic electronics and bass pressure. It’s a personal journey, moving chronologically through her influences that got her to this point, from experimental artists Luigi Russolo and John Cage to pop disrupters Eminem and Massive Attack.

Eventually though, the mix dissolves into a contemporary stew of uptempo pulses and industrial clanks (recorded by Ani herself in an abandoned Berlin warehouse), ending on a sneak preview of Ani’s forthcoming EP, THIS IS NOT POLITICAL. “I really wanted to illustrate the journey I took from an anti-social hip-hop/dubstep/trip-hop producer at boarding school in Canada to the experimental club artist I am today,’ explains Klang. “It’s a tribute to the past, present, and future of my love affair with electronic music.”


Luigi Russolo – ‘POAUW Movement 1 La Varieta Dei Rumori e Infinita’
John Cage – ‘Interview About Silence’
Mr. Shady Carmack (Eminem x Mr. Carmack) – ‘Without Me’ x ‘Aerosal Idea’ (ANI KLANG BLEND)
Massive Attack – ‘Risingson’
Ed Rush & Optical – ‘Slip Thru’
Ani Klang – ???
Breakage – ‘Hard’ (feat. Newham Generals & David Rodigan)
Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System – ‘Black Ark Vampires’ (vinyl 45 mix)
Blawan – ‘Hide Their Bodies’ (Reeps One Remix)
Boddika, Joy Orbison & Pearson Sound – ‘Faint’
Blawan – ‘Peaches’ [Melting Flesh]
Alfred English – ‘Proximity Mine’
ANGEL-HO – ‘Yah Cunt’
Lokane – ‘Wings’
Ani Klang – ‘Continu’
Ani Klang – ‘Unreleased’
A-0 – ‘Onyx’
Ani Klang – ‘Klangin’
Zubotnik & Zora Jones – ‘Madhoe’
Vague Contrast – ‘Going Insane’ (Ani Klang Remix)
TAYE//PAL – ‘Boom’
Tropical Interface – ‘reborn’
Ani Klang – ‘Incursions You Will Find’
CoolTiger – ‘RightNow’ – (Daniel Ruane Remix)
Ani Klang – ‘The Problem’ = (intro) DEBUT

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