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FACT mix 731: Meemo Comma

Objects Limited boss Meemo Comma melts dreamy ambience into eerie electronics on this woozy journey into the woods.

Brighton-based artist, curator and label boss Lara Rix-Martin is probably best known for her work at the helm of the esteemed Objects Ltd. imprint. Established in 2016, the label has served as an important platform for promoting and amplifying the work of women and non-binary producers working in experimental music.

One of the label’s first releases was from Rix-Martin herself, under the Lux E Tenebris moniker. This was her first solo release, after a slew of work as Heterotic alongside Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas. She followed it up with 2017’s Ghost On The Stairs, a spooky collection of Lynchian ambience and homespun electronics released under the name Meemo Comma.

Now, Rix-Martin is following the album up with a brand new journey into the black lodge. Entitled Sleepmoss, it’s billed as a “romantic eulogy to autumn and winter” and will be released later this month on Objects Ltd.

Her FACT mix expands on the album’s themes, juxtaposing original material with cuts from Kaffe Matthews, Puce Mary, RUI HO and new age pioneer Joanna Brouk. It’s a dewy, quietly awe-inspiring blend for the space between dreams and nightmares.


Imogen Holst – ‘In Heaven it is Always Autumn’ (Meemo Comma edit)
Forthcoming Kaffe Matthews preview
Meemo Comma – ‘Meadhead’
Macmillan – ‘Fac, ut Portem Christi Mortem’
Vaughn Williams – ‘The Lark Ascending’
Rui Ho – ‘Becoming is an Eventful Situation’
Jtamul – ‘Wing Flutters’
Meemo Comma – ‘Psithur’
Meemo Comma – ‘Fall of Eve’ (ft. Stafford Glover)
Puce Mary – ‘Coagulate’
Caterina Barbieri – ‘Fantas’
Meemo Comma – ‘Sleepmoss’ (Swan Meat edit)
Joanna Brouk – ‘Touching the Sky’
Meemo Comma – ‘Reaping’
Kara-Lis Coverdale – ‘X 4EWI’
Meemo Comma – ‘Night Rain’
Joanna Brouk – ‘Return to the Deep’

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