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FACT mix 733: Breakwave

Liverpool’s Breakwave cracks open club music’s experimental fringes on this mind-melting mix of bleeps, burps and bass.

For the last three years, Jessica Beaumont, aka Breakwave, has been assembling some of Liverpool’s most essential warehouse parties. Called Meine Nacht, the series was the first live-streamed party in the city, using unusual venues (a police station and a bakery for example) and word-of-mouth promotion to create a totally unique atmosphere.

As a DJ, Beaumont has developed a unique style blending genres and tempos in a soup of atmosphere and sound design. She’s performed across the UK and Europe and hosts a bi-monthly show on NTS, co-founded the Deep Sea Frequency label alongside Or:la and has just this year established her own Meine Nacht imprint.

The first release on the label is from Manchester’s Daniel Ruane, and signals a direction that’s somewhere between the club and the laboratory, focusing on shifting tempos, chilly sound design and thick textures.

Beaumont’s FACT mix builds on this mood perfectly, hovering through clouds of eerie electronics through tracks from Raime and Mosca, into micro-chopped digital experimentation from Ryoji Ikeda and b-boy IDM from Gescom, even stopping to tip the hat to the dearly departed Daniel Johnston. It’s a fathoms-deep selection that makes us eager to hear what might come next from Meine Nacht.

Obsequies – ‘Obsession’
Varuna – ‘Entela’s Daymare’
SENKING – ‘Pain bug in my eye’
Raime – ‘Losing Track’
Gašper Torkar – ‘Passage’
Mosca – ‘Touchie Riddim Pt.1’
ATOM TM – ‘Strom’
Pierce Warnecke – ‘BogusStratagem’
RYOJI IKEDA – ‘Data-Googolplex’
SPYFI SlumberStation – ’05-Clipism’
RYOJI IKEDA – ‘1’11″‘
GESCOM – ‘Key nell 3’
Pierce Warnecke – ‘ShiftForm’
Logos – ‘Arrival (T2 Mix)’
RYOJI IKEDA – ‘radiorange’
Otox – ‘D104’
Yilan – ‘Regression (Amazondotcom Remix)’
J-Shadow – ‘Parallel Worlds’
J-Shadow – ‘Contact’
Renick Bell – ‘What Holds You Back’
Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch – ‘Transmission 3’
Demdike Stare – ‘Pile up’
J-ZBEL – ‘Check in’
Ratkiller – ‘Power of Tears’
AGF, Old Russian Oven Door – ‘Anna Bunina 1774-1829 (feat. Old Russian Oven Door)
Otik – ‘Four Feet’ (Metrist remix)
Basic Rhythm – ‘Buss It’
Skru – ‘Digg the Way’
Daniel Johnston – ‘She Called Pest Control’
Kahn – ‘Abattoir’
Opus – ‘Ascending’
Shiken Hanzo – ‘Council of Elders’

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