“A discussion exploring the appropriation, commodification and commercialization of techno music” presented by Hecha / 做 and Make Techno Black Again.

The 2020 edition of New York’s Dweller Festival opened February 5 with a panel of local artists, theorists and curators discussing the white monopolization of house and techno.

Mediated by Dweller’s founder Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, the panel gathered theorist, writer and musician DeForrest Brown Jr., editor and cultural producer Camille Crain Drummond and DJ and producer SYANIDE who speak about the black history of, and their personal relationships to, house and techno, systemic and localized racism, scene posturing, community building and much more.

Dweller launched in 2018 to celebrate black artists working in electronic music. Dweller 2 runs through February 9. See more information about upcoming events here.

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