Artist DIY is a series of videos made by artists in collaboration with FACT in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

FACT edits each episode remotely, while the artist shoots at their home or studio with whatever equipment they have available. In this episode, DJ and producer VONDA7 tells us how lockdown in her adopted city of Berlin has helped her embrace a slower pace and shares some of the ways she’s staying creative in the studio.

While VONDA7 is known for producing driving club music inspired by French house, garage and disco, her time in isolation has given her the chance to experiment with making drum sounds using her own vocals and use more organic sounds.

VONDA7 also runs art | werk, a platform that showcases techno, alternative pop and visual arts. You can support her music and label by purchasing it from Bandcamp.

Thanks to Rob Kubicki, Legowelt and Danny Goliger.

Listen to the full track from this episode below.

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