Presented in a virtual new media art gallery, HYPERSPACE.

New York City-based digital artist and coder Cao Yuxi explores the contemporary significance of QR codes in Dimensional Sampling, a series of audiovisual works that take the geometric design as a digital totem emblematic of the modern age.

Dimensional Sampling_#1 is presented above in HYPERSPACE, a virtual new media gallery space created by Cao Yuxi using TouchDesigner. HYPERSPACE was designed in response to the destructive effects the outbreak of COVID-19 is having on audiovisual artists and art spaces. By synthesising elements of physical spaces, such as shadow, reflection and volumetric light, Yuxi is able to simulate aspects of installation artworks, enabling audiences at home to engage in immersive virtual experiences.

Yuxi collaborated with Hong Kong-based musician Lau Hiu Kong, Lawrence on the score, which incorporates the sounds of everyday technology, such as tones from mobile phones and computers, with spatial sound design and club production elements.

Cao Yuxi will broadcast live from HYPERSPACE over the coming weeks, where he will perform live renditions of the Dimensional Sampling series. For more information you can visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

For information about Lau Hiu Kong, Lawrence, you can visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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