Behind the scenes of Barker’s blissful techno.

Last year, FACT visited the studio of Ostgut Ton and Leisure System producer Barker to film him going Against The Clock. While we were there, he let us in on some of the secrets of his process, including an impressive plate reverb that he built for just €150.

The plate reverb, which is mounted on the back wall of his studio, cost him roughly the same amount as a good reverb plugin but makes for a far more impressive tool. He pairs it with solenoid percussion powered by dadamachines’ automat toolkit.

Barker also showed us how he uses Elektron’s Octatrack for chord sequencing and how the Nord Drum can be used to create melodic percussion.

Barker’s debut album Utility is available now on Ostgut Ton.

Filmed by Frank Zerban, John Twells and Henry Bruce-Jones

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