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Fact mix 766: Elkka

An ode to raving from the femme culture founder.

Elkka’s productions hit that sweet spot between vintage New York house and contemporary UK club music, weaving kaleidoscopic melodies and bold basslines with bumping rhythms. It’s a classic yet contemporary sound with its roots in rave music and queer parties.

‘[It] symbolises what I hope the dance floor to be” Elkka said last year of her anthemic track ‘Every Body Is Welcome’. ‘A music utopia or haven, somewhere for everyone to feel safe to express themselves, to find themselves, to be whoever they want to be and feel part of a community of acceptance and tolerance.”

In 2016, in response to a lack of platforms dedicated to female and non-binary DJs and producers, Elkka founded a label and collective to provide support for emerging artists. Since then, femme culture (which is run alongside Saint Ludo) has become a vital platform, releasing music from Elkka herself, Ariel Zetina, BADSISTA and more.

Her latest release, a two-track EP on London’s Local Action label, features an ode to the dancefloor in the era of social distancing. ‘I. Miss. Raving.’ is a bittersweet banger that looks forward to the time when we can all get back into the club.

Elkka’s Fact mix is a perfect summer set to imagine yourself raving to, featuring tracks from Anthony Shakir (as Da Sampla), India Jordan, Lindstrøm, Omar S, Floating Points and herself.

“This mix ended up being a cathartic exercise for me,” Elkka says. “Normally I like to move from different genres or tones during a set, depending on what mood I am trying to create for the crowd which is inspired by a million different factors. But fundamentally when recording this mix, I think I was looking for something to make myself feel good and this is what came out.”

“It’s not perfect but I don’t think my best sets ever are – seeking perfection and total control in my music is something I have tried to let go of and just go with what feels good to me and hopefully then does the same for the audience listening. I hope people enjoy it for what it is and can feel where it came from.”

Find Elkka’s music at Bandcamp, where you can also find femme culture.


Shielding – ‘Earth Snow Rain’
Caribou – ‘Never Come Back’ (Floating Points Remix)
Lindstrøm – ‘Algorytme’
drip-133 – ‘Harder’
Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen – ‘Forever Monna’
Dauwd – ‘Idris’
Elkka – ‘Euphoric Melodies’
Jeremy Greenspan & Taraval – ‘Be Last’
Da Sampla – ‘Pursuit Mix 3’
Elkka – ‘Alexandra’
Charles Trees – ‘Think First’
Shadow Child – ‘The DBG (Mark Broom Remix)’
India Jordan – ‘I’m Waiting (Just 4 U)’
Mosca – ‘Cedar Wood State (Vector Mix)’
Elkka – ‘Bleep+’
Omar S – ‘Psychotic Photosynthesis’
G.O.D Limited – ‘You Got It Going On’
Youandewan – ‘Fool Be Cool’ (Marquis Hawkes Remix
Delicious Inc. – ‘Eau de Chante (For Men)’
LMajor – ‘The Power’ (Boxwork Remix)
Cassius Select – ‘Herd’
Phuture – ‘Acid Track’ (KiNK Remix)
Elkka – ‘I. Miss. Raving.’
Anfisa Letyago – ‘Push’
Hugo Massien – ‘Speak to Silence’
Forest Drive West – ‘Parallel Space’
EM + STAV  – ‘Afterglow’
Roger Martinez, Horizontal Excursions – ‘Halcyon’
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – ‘For What It’s Worth’ (Elkka Edit)

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