A fragmented exploration of the quotidian identity of Princess Camel, aka composer, multidisciplinary artist and creative coder Berk Özdemir.

Interdisciplinary artist and designer Soyun Park is the founder of RGBdog, an audiovisual community studio actively pushing the limits of the involvement of technology in sound visualisation.

Park met Berk Özdemir while they were both enrolled at the Royal Academy of Art of The Hague, where he studied electronic composition and creative coding. He makes electronic music as Princess Camel, an alias he describes as “the true heir of CAMEL monarch, a sound hunter, beat bender, tech-savvy multimedia animal and transmetaverse crypto entity.”

For the video for Princess Camel’s track ‘I.F.O.M.’, a frenetic experiment in granular sampling, Park took footage of Özdemir’s daily routine, extending, reordering and layering the images using TouchDesigner.

Princess Camel is currently working on building an online platform for creative people called CAMELDOUGH, which aims to build a growing public domain media library to be used for remixing freely by anyone; using her crypto social currency token $CAMEL as the fuel. You can find her music on Bandcamp.

For more information on Soyun Park and RGBdog, you can follow her on Instagram and visit the RGBdog website.

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