SALEM break a nearly decade-long hiatus to follow storm chasers across South Central United States.

Following the ‘leak’ of the Sergei Prokofiev-sampling ‘CAPULETS’ and the release of a new mixtape, STAY DOWN, which they premiered on NTS back in May, SALEM are back with their first official release in nearly a decade.

‘Starfall’ sees the witch house pioneers returning to the heady mix of trance, trap and goth they explored on their debut album King Night, which was released back in 2010, and their most recent EP, I’m Still In The Night, which was released back in 2011.

The track arrives accompanied by a video directed by Tommy Malekoff which sees Jack Donoghue and John Holland chasing storms across Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas during Tornado season.

‘Starfall’ is out now. SALEM have also released new merchandise, which you can find here.

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