CGI artists Kwan Au, Jin Fang Jiang, Richard G Kim, Rui Zhu and Thomas Shek have come together to bring a fantastical sci-fi landscape to life.

‘heaven is real’ is the blissful introduction to No Fear, the debut album from New York-based producer and VFX artist No_4mat. Taking cues from transcendental trance and RPG OSTs, the track sets the scene on the high-definition emotion and maximalist sonic palette that proliferates the album.

Drawing from No_4mat VFX connections, he sought out SHIFTMATTER studio to produce this video. With a team of CGI artists, including Jin Fang Jiang, Richard G Kim, Rui Zhu, Thomas Shek and director Kwan Au to bring the fantastical sci-fi soundscape of the track to life.’

No_4mat’s track provides the perfect score for the short, which depicts processes of creation and the spirit of nature in a style that is equal parts Princess Mononoke and Hyper Light Drifter.

‘heaven is real’ is taken from No Fear, which is out now on DISSOLUTE.

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