Taken from Willow Scythe, VRBA’s debut release for London label TT.

Pittsburgh producer VRBA has joined forces with 3D artist and designer Adrienne Cassel for the visual accompaniment to ‘intuit’, a track taken from the producer’s debut label release, Willow Scythe. “Distinguished by an unparalleled sense of space, VRBA’s production moves fearlessly across sonic thresholds,” writes London label TT. “The album moves quickly between warped choruses and obscured sonic hazes punctuated with spongy drums.” On ‘intuit’, a cold and cavernous sonic world plays host to creeping bass, crunchy, tactile sound design and skittering alien percussion, immediately enveloping and overwhelming the listener.

Adrienne Cassel runs with this theme, plunging a glitched-out avatar into an infinite vacuum to be bathed in waves of live electricity, imbuing the being with transformative power and bringing about strange, body-altering mutations. Illustrating the tension between the corporeal and the intangible that permeates VRBA’s productions, Cassel illuminates the audio landscape into which we are plunged, weaving an abstract narrative of energy exchange and transmutation. As the album’s title suggests, both artists seek to create something sharp and focused from intricate and fragile source material.

‘intuit’ is taken from Willow Scythe, which is out now on TT. For more information about Adrienne Cassel you can visit the artist’s website. You can find VRBA on SoundCloud.

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