The duo co-direct a vivid audiovisual accompaniment to Massoni’s new release on Simo Cell’s TEMƎT label.

In the visual for Rinse France resident Elise Massoni’s ‘G & More’, created by visual artist Jack Anderson, the French producer’s complex rhythms and glistening melodies soundtrack a digital forest scene, which zooms into microscopic levels of detail as organic fractals emerge from a falling droplet of water.

The video’s serene natural setting is juxtaposed with burned-out cars and industrial waste littering the scene, which are slowly engulfed by the plants that grow up around them. The video’s concept reflects Massoni’s thoughts on the track itself, and Straight is a Lie, the EP that ‘G & More’, is taken from. “Straight is a Lie was made following a series of personal disasters,” Massoni says. “It is a tale of those catastrophes but also of how they came to be resolved.”

“‘G & More’, is the beginning of a new cycle rather than its end,” Massoni continues. “A reflection on resistance and acceptance of a destiny that will lead to bring a “new element” into a world where everything seems lost.”

Massoni’s Straight is a Lie EP is the second release on Simo Cell’s TEMƎT Music label, which was launched last year to release “cross-genre electronic music” with a focus on French artists. The EP is available to pre-order on Bandcamp and is released on July 2.

You can follow Elise Massoni on SoundCloud and Instagram, and find her music on Bandcamp. For more information on Jack Anderson’s work, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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