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Fact Mix 818: quest?onmarq

A genre-defying mix from one of New York’s most fearless DJs.

Since emerging via the New York ballroom scene six years ago, quest?onmarq has developed a signature DJ style that encompasses everything from rave to metal and beyond. Their sets shift effortlessly between a rhythmic backbone of club and techno, while their own self-produced edits give their sets an adventurous streak.

On their Fact Mix, quest?onmarq pushes the boundaries of their practice with a set that blends Jeff Mills into Sunn O))) and The Cranberries into Ikonika, whilst tracks from DJ Rashad, Nguzunguzu, Okzharp, Kode9 & DJ Fulltono and more keep the tempo high.

“This is nowhere typical of my live sets,” quest?onmarq says. “I’ve never played so many of my productions at a time, and most importantly, I prefer three or four CDJs for performances. Storytelling while facing a wall can’t be compared to ‘reading a room’. These situations call on entirely different skills, mindsets… I miss performing!”

The mix also features a number of curveball edits and classics from KoRn, Radiohead and more, moments that demonstrate quest?onmarq’s fearless and unpredictable nature as a DJ. “My moniker itself is meant to suggest this notion, (best described by Mary Anne Hobbs), that I’m a shapeshifter,” they say. “Subscribing to stigma would be restricting. I’d prefer to ponder the possibilities of what I CAN do instead of focusing on what I’m not ‘supposed to do’.”

“DJs were never meant to scratch records in the first place,” they continue. “I’ve always been open to working beyond the focus of genre in favor of ultimately creating feelings. I know my library and hands so it becomes a lot easier to be nimble in the blends.”

quest?onmarq’s Fact Mix comes just as clubs begin to reopen in the USA, and marks the beginning of a new phase for the artist. “As nightlife comes back, I want to simultaneously refresh my own codes and redefine what can be expected from me as a creator… the unexpected, fluidity, expansiveness,” they continue. “The mix starts with a vocal demo from a secret project and album I recorded more than three years ago with L-Vis 1990. Also includes official remixes, original productions and bootlegs I’ve created in the last three years. A production mix plus some favorites – to prime you for the next stage of my sound.”

You can find quest?onmarq’s music at Bandcamp, and listen to their radio shows on Rinse France and The Lot Radio.


NYX – ‘Work’
Burial – ‘Southern Comfort (quest?onmarc Bootleg)’
The Cranberries – ‘Dreams’
Ikonika – ‘Nobody (quest?onmarq Remix)’
quest?onmarq- ‘Spinout (featuring Neana)’
Okzharp – ‘Mirror, Mirror’
M.I.A. – ‘Bucky Done Gun’
quest?onmarc – ‘Eye Of The Spiral’
Burial – ‘Archangel (quest?onmarc Bootleg)’
quest?onmarq – ‘Think I Broke These Randomer Stems’
quest?onmarc – ‘Monolith’
Jeff Mills – ‘The Bells’
Sunn O))) – ‘Aghartha (quest?onmarc Bootleg)’
quest?onmarq – ‘Like This’
Radiohead – ‘Idioteque (quest?onmarc Bootleg)’
quest?onmarc – ‘Rings Of Saturn’
Nguzunguzu – ‘Skycell’
quest?onmarq – ‘???’
Freestylers – ‘Cracks ft. Belle Humble (Flux Pavilion Remix)’
Burial – ‘Near Dark (quest?onmarc Remix)’
quest?onmarq – ‘Smokescreen (Randomer Bootleg)’
quest?onmarc – ‘Waterbender (Homage To Stolen Ancestors)’
KoRn – ‘Souvenir’
quest?onmarq – ‘Chasing The Sun (06h00 mix)’
Rapala700 – ‘bloto (quest?onmarc Remix)’
quest?onmarc – ‘Co**n**r**s (ft. Cardi B)’
DJ Rashad – ’45 Fifty Four’
??? – ‘??? (quest?onmarq Remix)’
311 – ‘Amber (quest?onmarc Bootleg)’
quest?onmarc – ‘yin’
Burial – ‘Spaceape’
Kode9 & DJ Fulltono – ‘TKO’  
Alaska – ‘Broken Silence’
Mobb Deep – ‘Shook Ones (pt.II)’
quest?onmarc – ‘Ephemera’
Massive Attack – ‘Machine Gun’

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