The exhibition and concert series, which features performances from Caterina Barbieri, LABOUR and Actress, runs until October 30.

Fact has teamed up with Berlin Atonal to bring you video highlights from its new event, Metabolic Rift, which features the first live performances organised by the festival since the pandemic forced its cancellation in 2020. The month-long series combines an exhibition and concert series in Berlin’s Kraftwerk building, featuring works from Pan Daijing and Cyprien Gaillard and performances from artists including Caterina Barbieri, Actress and Vladislav Delay.

“The exhibition itself functions like a metabolic system,” Berlin Atonal says. “The Kraftwerk complex provides the physical structure for this system to operate according to two distinct ‘rhythms’. A linear layout of situated artworks and performances plot a path through the Tresor club (lying unused for over a year) and into unseen areas of the deep Kraftwerk infrastructure.”

The “(un)guided exhibition-tour” unfolds over approximately two hours, with entries taking place every 15 minutes. The exhibition features 20 site-specific works, encompassing large-scale audio-visual pieces, in situ installations and musical apparitions throughout the complex.

© Igor Ademeyko
© Arash Nassiri

Running in parallel to the exhibition is a multi-part concert series that sees performances held in the main hall of Kraftwerk approximately once a week. The series begins on Sunday, September 26 with performances from Tim Hecker, Ziúr and Perila, and concludes on Saturday, October 30 with a show featuring Klein and Shackleton + Wacław Zimpel. Other highlights across the month include sets from Actress, Caterina Barbieri with Bendik Giske, Nkisi + MFO, Space Afrika, LABOUR and Holly Childs + Gediminas Žygus.

“[The performances] celebrate a return to the Kraftwerk hall, and Berlin Atonal’s commitment to keeping alive the community that gathers around musical experiments on a large scale through formats that fit to the times,” Berlin Atonal says. “The concerts function as stand-alone musical programmes, rather than as part of the traditional five-day festival, and operate according to a new logic and usage of space. The determination to support artists in their ambitious musical and performative experiments remains unchanged.”

Metabolic Rift’s full concert schedule can be viewed below. For tickets and more details on the exhibition, visit the Metabolic Rift website. Look out for videos from Metabolic Rift on Fact’s website and Instagram over the next month.

© Giulia Cenci
© Cyprien Gaillard

Metabolic Rift concert schedule

Sunday 26.09: Tim Hecker, Ziúr, Perila

Thursday 03.09: Actress, Flora Yin-Wong + Laila Sakini, LABOUR

Thursday 07.10: Moritz von Oswald Trio, Abdullah Miniawy + Carl Gari, Holly Childs + Gediminas Žygus

Thursday 14.10: Vladislav Delay, Space Afrika

Wednesday 20.10: caner teker presents KIRKPINAR (stand-alone performance)

Thursday 21.10: light-years presents Caterina Barbieri with Bendik Giske, Nkisi + MFO, caner teker presents KIRKPINAR

Saturday 30.10: Klein, Shackleton + Wacław Zimpel, ||||||||||||||||||||

Lead video credits:

Footage from Berlin Atonal 2019. 
Cinematographers: Masaya Kato, Cornelius Diemer, Lukas Feigelfeld, Oslem Sen, Paul Bröse
Video directed and edited by Hiroo Tanaka

Lead image: Camille Blake

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