Danish composer and sound artist SØS Gunver Ryberg comes together with 3D artist Patrick Defasten to offer a more optimistic speculation on future forms.

“Out of the Shadows is about the potential to feel energised and empowered to act in order to address the challenges we face in our lives,” says Danish composer and sound designer SØS Gunver Ryberg of her latest collaboration with 3D artist Patrick Defasten. “The shadows represent a state of passivity or inaction, where we may feel overwhelmed or powerless in the face of challenges. However, the title implies that there is a way out of this state, a way to emerge from the shadows and into the light of possibility.” The track is taken from the composer’s new album, SPINE, a sustainable alternative to speculative futures marked by dystopia and catastrophe, a sci-fi vision spun from optimism and interconnectedness.

“We’re thrown into this virtual, cybernetic space of organic, generative design in constant movement, rotating and spinning, with a saturated spectrum of colours driven by SØS Gunver Ryberg’s energetic music,” explains Defasten. “I’ve developed visuals featuring organism-like forms, exploring an inner universe that appears hypercomplex, unstable and reactive, but it’s really about witnessing the unrestrained power that exists within this meta-world. Discussing with SØS over a call about her album’s sonic concept, we felt this dynamic visual aesthetic should exude a kind of forward facing, positive futurism, like a new digital architecture to frame the sonic vision she’s established in her album SPINE.”

“As humans continue to explore, we have the power to shape the future, taking into account our inner and outer worlds and the existential urgency of our time,” continues SØS Gunver Ryberg. “Creating a
sustainable future is not only a goal but a way of being, where we are in tune with ourselves and nature, recognising our interconnectedness with everything. I believe listening and connecting with our sensuous being is a way to reach this state and I hope SPINE will be part of opening up the listener and give space for imagination. Music can put us in a more curious connection with our surroundings and have the potential to raise awareness, create empathy and promote action to address challenges.” 

‘Out of the Shadows’ is taken from SPINE, which is out now on SØS Gunver Ryberg’s own label, Arterial Recordings. You can find SØS Gunver Ryberg on Instagram and at her website. For more information about Patrick Defasten and his work, you can follow him on Instagram and visit his website.

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