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Fact Mix: DJ Pacifier

DJ Pacifier embarks on a frenzied sprint through memes, movie samples and ridiculous BPMs, the perfect way to close out the coronation bank holiday.

From out of the frenzy of pomp and circumstance surrounding the coronation of Charles III and Camilla bursts DJ Pacifier, ripping through bunting and kicking over trestle tables with an outrageous onslaught of overclocked BPMs and high-grade silliness. From a hardcore juke rework of ‘Idioteque’ and Austin Powers samples to an audiobook excerpt and a donk remix of Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’ slamming unceremoniously into Basshunter, nothing and nobody is safe. “I played at a Shrek-themed rave a few weeks back and I had so much fun being extra silly and mixing in clips from the movies,” they explain.

“I’m typically a really silly DJ, but this party was on a whole other level. This mix for Fact inherited that crazy attitude from my night in the Shrek swamp. There’s a really wacky clip from the audiobook of Feed by J.T. Anderson that I was listening to a few nights before recording, I dropped an Animal Crossing cover of Death Grips by KK Slider/Jonathan McCullough (my favourite part) and I also played a handful of bangers from Safe Cloud Recs, an amazing label and compilation series.”

“I also mixed in a retelling of the monologue from Trainspotting, but set in the Middle Ages, that I created with the help of my awesome friends Xavier and Gabe,” DJ Pacifier adds. “Choose famine. Choose the court. Choose a full set of armour. Choose a feast. Choose a fucking big partridge,” the genius monologue opens. “Choose your future. Choose life. But why would I want to do a thing like that? I choose not to live, I choose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got DJ Pacifier.”

You can find DJ Pacifier on Instagram, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


Radiohead – ‘Idioteque (Yeahhbuzz’ Deep State Sock Puppet Edit)’
Siiickbrain & MUPP – ‘Don’t Wait’
DJ Douggpound – ‘Donkey Look Out’
Samurai Breaks – ‘Everybody Dance Now Bootleg’
SCJ – ‘Limb From Limb’
Zeds Dead & Deathpact – ‘Ether (EPROM Old School Deconstruction)’
Thorpey & Heapy – ‘Got To Have Love (JAKAZiD Remix)’
whitetrashtray x skin2skin – ‘drum’n’bass’
Toxinate – ‘Sandstorm Bootleg’
S.Murk – ‘Been A Minnit Innit’
Yaka – ‘Shardplate’
Stripe N Co. – ‘Intoxic8ed’
Father Funk – ‘Shagadelica’
DJ Animebby – ‘h0rny’
M.T. Anderson – ‘Feed Audiobook’
DJ Pacifier – ‘Jiggle’
Bladee & Mechatok – ‘Rainbow (Areola Grande Remix)’
Simon L Bayliss – ‘Mouth Harp Track’
Ninajirachi – ‘Rainbow Train’ [Feat. Coucheron]
Taahliah – ‘I Like You a Lot Lot’
Tayphoon x Bauschutt Und Moschus – ‘Basssexuell’
Rihanna – ‘Disturbia (Ste V Remix)’
Basshunter – ‘I Promised Myself (Bad Behaviour Remix)’
DJ Pacifier – ‘Unreleased Skit’ [Feat. Xavier & Gabe]
Voidboi – ‘Fast Lane’
Water Spirit – ‘Feeling’
The Speed Freak – ‘Trampoline Takeover’
Epiphagi – ‘Donkalip’
Swan Meat – ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ [Feat. Shitney Queers]
Shinsei & NOLEJ – ‘Duality’
Kreayshawn – ‘Glizzie McGuire (MURDER CLUB REMIX)’
KK Slider/Jonathan McCullough – ‘Get Got (Death Grips)’

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