Part visual mixtape, part experimental documentary, ‘all we got is us in the moment’ is a moving portrait of the collaboration and friendship of musician Coby Sey and artist Rebecca Salvadori.

Coby Sey and Rebecca Salvadori have uniquely intimate perspectives on each other’s work. The musician and MC has been collaborating with the artist and filmmaker since 2017 and throughout the course of their friendship Salvadori has captured the many different faces of the mercurial artist. Their Fact mix is a homage to this relationship, part visual mixtape, part experimental documentary. The work follows a conversation between the two that has been unfolding for years, serving as both a moving portrait of friendship and as an assemblage of scenes from two lives lived through art and music.

“For me, Rebecca’s subtle uniqueness when approaching film and visual art always shows,” says Sey. “Rebecca is effortlessly inquisitive, always asking questions, sometimes direct and sometimes subtly. Rebecca knows the value of allowing things to breathe and take shape in filming. There’s a fly on the wall element to it, where documentation and magic is present or being summoned by the subjects we’re seeing through her lens; through her eyes, through her ears.”

Over the last six years Sey has released several projects, including his first EP for AD93, 2020’s gorgeous River and his essential debut album, Conduit, has recorded and performed as part of Tirzah’s band, played alongside members of CURL, the sprawling community of musicians and artists he founded with Mica Levi and Brother May and participated in residencies with Tutto Questo Sentire, a collective featuring Salvadori herself, her sister, experimental soprano and composer Olivia Salvadori and cellist Sandro Mussida.

Though extensive, this is only scratching the surface of Sey’s rich and varied practice, an ever-evolving process that Salvadori has consistently borne witness to as part of her own singular approach to filmmaking. Pulling focus on emotion and personal expression over and above linear narratives or conventional subject matter, over the last decade Salvadori has navigated London’s experimental music scene with an interconnected web of filmic portraits, video art and documentary – including The Sun Has No Shadow, which she presented on Fact last year.

“I’ve spent considerable amounts of time either working or socialising with Rebecca and chosen to make the tracks for this movie by simply thinking about those moments we’ve had together,” continues Sey. “I took a very instinctive approach to these pieces and took my time as I tend to do with my music. To let the feeling and memories of those times guide my playing and creation of these songs.”

You can find Coby Sey on Instagram and Bandcamp. For more information about Rebecca Salvadori and her work, you can follow her on Instagram.

‘all we got is us in the moment’ Credits:

♞⟳ performed at The Albany in Deptford, Lewisham, London in 27.04.2023 and comprised of:
Coby Sey @cobysey
Alpha Maid @alpha_maid
Ben Vince @benvince91
CJ Calderwood @cj.calderwood
Charlie Hope @c.h.a.r.l.i.e.h.o.p.e
MettaShiba @mettashiba
Lottie Poulet @lottieloupoulet
Featuring special appearances from: 
TYSON @__tyson
Molinaro @a1an1ma
Bianca Scout @bianca_scout
Cõvco @_covco
Nadeem Din-Gabisi @nadeemdingabisi

Coby Sey x @lcorchestra collaborated and performed at Purcell Room, Southbank Centre in Southbank, London on 08.12.2021 and comprised of:
Coby Sey
Robert Ames @robertamesmusic
Ian Anderson @musicianderson
Craig Apps @craig_apps
George Barton @gbsrduo
Jonny Byers @jonnybyers

GAISTER wrote and recorded at Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavík on 09.08.2022 and is comprised of:
Olivia Salvadori @oliviasalvadori
Akihide Monchan Monna @akihide_monna
Coby Sey

Filmed in: 

The Albany in Deptford, Lewisham, London on 27.042023
Purcell Room, Southbank Centre in Southbank, London on 08.12.2021
Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavík on 09.08.2022
The studio in Lewisham, London on 27.03.2023
Hackney Downs Park in Hackney, London on 20.032023
Total Refreshment Centre in Hackney, London 

Special thanks to:

@180.fact, @ad93rec, @thealbanyse8, @dominorecords, @formpresents, @georgeeeeeeeeeeee, @greenhouse.studios, @hithergreenstudios, @_capitol_k, @lexymorvaridi, @qujunktions, @robfarhat, @sebastienforrester, @seriouslivemusic, @southbankcentre, @theillusionofdepth, @theroomstudios, @totalrefreshmentcentre, @tuttoquestosentire, family, friends and supporters.

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