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Built On Sand: A Birmingham Sampler ’78-’86

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  • Anthony Burnham on Brum's post-punk years, with an exclusive mix from Sandwell District's Regis.
  • published
    22 Oct 2009
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Download: Regis – Built On Sand: A Birmingham Sampler 1978-86

1. Swell Maps – International Rescue
2. The Prefects – Barbarellas
3. Spizzenergi – Where’s Captain Kirk
4. Fashion – Sodium Pentathol Negative
5. The Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
6. The Dangerous Girls – Mo75
7. The Cravats – Rub Me Out
9. Ausgang – Here It Comes
10. We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Going To Us It – XX Sex
11. Steel Pulse – Handsworth Revolution
12. Joe Crow – Compulsion
13 Mighty Mighty – Everybody Knows The Monkey
14. Felt – Day The Rain Came Down

We were rather flattered when Karl O’Connor AKA Regis, the Birmingham-based techno icon who co-founded British Murder Boys and more recently Sandwell District, asked FACT if we’d like to give away a mix he’d initially planned to release on CD via his Downwards label.

The mix concerns itself with Birmingham’s vibrant but infamously fragmented and undervalued punk and post-punk scene of the late 70s and early 80s, and features amazing music by familiar artists like the Au Pairs and Swell Maps as well as more obscure nuggets from the likes of Spizzenergi. Mixed and edited with all the punch and precision we’ve come to expect from Regis, this is a blisteringly enjoyable listen and an invaluable history lesson to boot. Download it, and enjoy. Over the page you’ll find Anthony Burnham’s “sleevenotes” for the mix, in which he introduces the various bands and considers the city’s foggy cultural identity, something he terms ‘The Brum Problem’.



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