Grovesnor makes a Soft Return

By , Mar 11 2010

Lo Recordings will release the debut album by Grovesnor, Soft Return, on May 3.

The self-style “troubadour who looks like a teacher but singes like Usher” was the drummer for Hot Chip in their early days, and has recently has joined their ranks again for live duties. Soft Return was produced with the assistance of the ‘Chip’s Felix Martin and Al Doyle.

“The music is not pastiche,” says Grovesnor, who is often – understandably – accused of taking the piss. “I love that stuff too much. Lyrically there’s another thing going on. You can write a novel from another person’s perspective but when you write a song and use the words ‘I’ and ‘you’ then there’s often an assumption it’s personal. The ambiguity of ‘is he for real’ is where Grovesnor comes in.  He’s more of an anti-hero, and often makes mistakes or chooses the wrong path at pivotal moments. If there’s comedy in these songs then that’s just the tragedy amplified to comic proportions.”


Fri 26 Feb London Brixton Academy (with Hot Chip)
Fri 2 Apr  London Wilmington
Thu 20 May  Leicester Firebug
Fri 21 May  Liverpool Sound City
Sun 30 May  Sheffield Bungalows & Bears

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