Stream juke lynchpin DJ Roc’s forthcoming LP, The Crack Capone

By , Oct 11 2010

The world’s juke mad right now, and frankly, so are we.

Next week, scene veteran DJ Roc will release his first album for Planet Mu, The Crack Capone. If you were into the DJ Nate album they released earlier this year… well, Roc’s slightly different. The Crack Capone is just as heavy as Nate’s album on pulling from every corner of mainstream pop culture – Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga and The Twilight Zone are brazenly sampled here, for a start – but where Nate twists and stretches these into a tortured, ghostly form of dance music, Roc grounds them in rugged, rolling beats that pop like the best Madlib and Dilla records.

Roc’s album is released on October 18; we’ll be streaming it all week here.

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