Ramadanman Fabric CD confirmed for next year

By , Dec 14 2010

Little White Earbuds have confirmed that David Kennedy (Ramadanman/Pearson Sound) has been signed up to mix a CD for Fabric next year.

We did have our suspicions (as you can probably imagine, we’ve harangued him plenty over doing a FACT mix in the past and so knew that he was doing a mix CD for somebody), but LWE have confirmed this morning that it will be for Fabric, which frankly, is what we’d hoped. Good job all round.

Ramadanman/Pearson has had a pretty strong year to say the least, and featured high in our recent 100 best tracks of 2010 countdown. How high? Find out here.

Update: the CD will be FabricLive 56, and we have a release date.

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