Full details of Martyn’s Ghost People emerge

By , Jul 27 2011

A full press release has been sent out for Martyn’s new album, Ghost People.

FACT announced the news of the new LP from the Dutch producer a couple of weeks back, but with limited information. We now know that the record is 11 tracks long, with Kode9 collaborator Spaceape appearing on opening track ‘Love and Machines’. It is, according to the press release, a lot less concerned with “sorrows and melancholy” than Martyn’s first album Great Lengths.

“For this album”, Martyn claims, “I chose things that are further away from me: the Ghost People theme. There are references to DJing in general. Not the jet-set DJ life, but the old Paradise Garage DJ life, where people want to share and play the music they really love, regardless of if it’s trendy. Nothing fancy or flashy. Just back to the roots.” The press release goes on to claims that the album’s inspiration comes from “the old school mentality of connecting the dots, much like how Ron Hardy would tweak a soul track into a house groove, or [how] Goldie sent processed breakbeats far into the future.”

The title, Ghost People, is apparently a reference to “passionless DJs and producers … plastic, hollow shells that focus only on the in-the-now grooves or keeping in line with trends.” Another heavy influence on the record is “being on the road for a long time, and seeing how you cope with situations … I try to zen my way through it, and just stay focussed on my music.”

There is also a live show played with 3024 visual director Erosie, where the album’s artwork will be recreated in a live setting.

Ghost People will be released on October 10 through Brainfeeder.


01 Love And Machines (ft Spaceape)
02 Viper
03 Masks
04 Distortions
05 Popgun
06 I Saw You At Tule Lake
07 Ghost People
08 Twice As
09 Bauplan
10 Horror Vacui
11 We Are You In The Future

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