Ensemble Economique – ‘Heat Waves’

By , Dec 15 2011

‘Heat Waves’ is the opening track from Ensemble Economique’s terrific new album, Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight.

Out now on Dekorder, it’s the follow-up to EE’s acclaimed Psychical LP, released last year on Not Not Fun. Brian Pyle – for EE is he – has built on the promise of Psychical, retaining its sense of slasher-flick dread, but this time around favouring a more spacious, less claustrophobic sound, one more obviously indebted to isolationist techno. ‘Heatwave’ sets the tone with its tumbling synth lines that sound like the troubled ghosts of trance converging on a hillside cemetery at night. That makes it sound terrible, we realise. It’s not. It’s brilliant.

More information here.

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