More information on Guido’s live show revealed

By , Jan 24 2012

This month saw Guido, one of Bristol’s finest modern musicians, announce the start of his new label and plans for a live show.

When we quizzed Guido, who in 2010 released a sometimes staggering debut album in Anidea, about the line show, he was pretty coy, simply revealing that he just “wanted to expand the way I perform as an artist. DJing is fun, I just want to evolve and live music is very exciting. I don’t want to say too much, we are rehearsing regularly and hope to be playing in venues soon”.

A mail-out from Guido’s booking agent this morning, however, suggests that the Guido live show is developing at a rapid rate, and will feature “four people on stage”. Guido will be on laptop and synths, while three other musicians play acoustic and electronic drums, bass guitar and electric guitar.

“They will play the amazing Anidea LP”, the mail-out expands, “including classics like ‘Orchestral Lab’ and ‘Mad Sax’ then into fresh productions from the iconic UK producer”.

Promoters, get in touch. You can stream Guido’s latest single below.

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