Bob Dylan at work on new album

By , Mar 12 2012

Bob Dylan – mumbler extraordinaire, tireless tourer, capital-L legend – is allegedly back in the the studio.

As Clash report, Dylan is reportedly cobbling together his follow-up to 2009’s festive curveball Christmas In The Heart. Los Lobos‘ Dave Hidalgo is the chief bean-spiller, telling Aspen Times that he and Dylan has been spending time together in Jackson Browne’s LA studio. Hidalgo, who has collaborated with Dylan in the past, had a few insights into the recording process:

“It was a great experience. And different. Each one has been different, all completely different approaches. It’s an amazing thing, how he keeps creativity. I don’t see how he does it”.

Hidalgo also suggested that some of the Mexican elements of the Los Lobos sound might bleed into Dylan’s new recordings: “He’d say, ‘Wow, what’s that?…He liked the sound. So we’d get it in there.”.

The incipient record will be Dylan’s 35th studio album. Were it to emerge this year, it would arrive exactly fifty years after Dylan’s eponymous debut record.

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