Rick Ross beats the original Rick Ross in court – again

By , Mar 30 2012

Miami rapper Rick Ross has again emerged victorious in court against the original Rick Ross.

The original Rick Ross [right] – Freeway Ricky Ross – is a Texan drug trafficker, who rose to infamy running drugs in early ’80s California. For a while now, he’s been trying to sue Rick Ross (that’s the rapper Rick Ross, this time) for using his name, and claims that Ross the rapper at one point visited him in prison asking for permission to use it, something that wasn’t granted (there’s a great quote from an interview with Freeway Rick Ross around this time, where he says that he “wasn’t tripping” over the name issue, but “would never be involved with a Milli Vanilli. I built this name to what it is today to where I can go to any prison in this country and get saluted.”).

The first court case, a $10 million trademark infringement lawsuit from Freeway Ricky Ross against Rapper Rick Ross was thrown out of court due to a ruling that Freeway could not legally trademark the name, because he became popular due to “illegal activity”. This time around, the lawsuit was in California, something Freeway’s attorney thought would help the case, but it appears not to have made a difference.

In an interview with All Hip-Hop posted today, Freeway claims to feel that “the law has let me down. Not only have they let me down, but they’ve let down the black community as a whole.”

“I didn’t sell drugs so I could sit in everybody’s face, drive around in a Rolls-Royce and wear big gold chains”, Freeway continued. “I sold drugs because I was poor, illiterate, didn’t know any better and had no other opportunities.”

He goes on to explain that “Basically they’re saying [I waited too long], I should have filed a lawsuit five days after I got out of prison.”

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