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Autechre’s debut finally reissued on vinyl

Written by FACT Team on Friday, April 27 2012

Autechre's debut EP finally sees vinyl reissue

Last November, it was reported that Autechre’s debut EP – released under the name Lego Feet in 1991, and considered a holy grail by fans of the group – would receive a limited re-release to mark its 20th anniversary.

A close cousin to Autechre’s first album Incunabula, but more obviously indebted to the acid house of the era, Skam Records revealed in December that there would also be a vinyl reissue, in “about eight weeks”.

Well, around 20 weeks later, we’ve finally got word of a release date: the double-vinyl edition of Lego Feet will hit stores on June 4. Autechre fans, mark it in your diary – we imagine these will shift fast.

You can stream Autechre’s 2009 FACT mix (we love saying that phrase) below.

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