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Carl Craig unveils new Carls Davis alias on the Last Decade EP

Written by FACT Team on Monday, May 21 2012

Like all techno producers worth their salt, Carl Craig has released material under a stack of different aliases.

C2 sanctioned nom de booms include early pseudonym BFC, the jazz-indebted Innerzone Orchestra and the markedly experimental 69 project. Later this month, Craig will introduce us to a new moniker, the nattily titled Carls Davis.

The Last Decade EP is due on Craig’s Planet E label, and features six self-described ‘sketches’. Analogue techno is the order of the day: ‘Sketches Pt. 1′ is a shimmering, syncopated gem, and the burbling ‘Sketches Pt 3.’ sounds like a Commmodore 64 having a tantrum. Last Decade will arrive as a 12″ and a digital download. You can hear snips from the EP below.

1. Sketches Pt. 1
2. Sketches Pt. 2
3. Sketches Pt. 3
4. Sketches Pt. 4
5. Sketches Pt. 5
6. Sketches Pt. 6

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